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Shop Feature Phones at Best Prices

Goto showcases a wide range of feature phones under one roof. Searching for a new feature phone at affordable prices? Forget going to different stores to get a new phone for yourself, just log on to Goto, explore your options and shop away.  Here you’ll find the best feature phones at low and affordable prices from the top brands including Nokia, Q Mobile and more.


Feature Phones or Smartphones?

In this era, it is hard to imagine getting through the day without a mobile phone.  At one end you have an option to choose from thousands of smartphones that pack all the latest features including an attractive display, good camera, fast processor and the luxury of various apps. On the other, you have the option of feature phones that get all the basic tasks done like calls and text messages. Some feature phones also come with a built-in web browser so you do get to have the facility of internet with some feature phones. They come at low prices, making them the most affordable options of cellphones out there.


Why Buy Feature Phones?

We all need a phone to connect with the world, but we might not always have the budget for a smartphone. This is where feature phones come to the rescue, they can provide you with the important features of a phone at an affordable price. Many brands have been pushing out high quality feature phones into the market so there won’t be a shortage of them in stores anytime soon.


All the Important Features You Need in a Phone

Feature phones though compact in size and don’t have the luxurious appearance of a smartphone, come with all the important features you would want. They come with functions like calendar, stopwatch, camera, voice recorder, radio, reminders and more. You can also get your hands on the latest dual sim feature phone so you can have two numbers on a single phone. Some of the best feature phones include the Nokia 210 Dual SIM phone, Nokia 216, Nokia 105 and a lot more. Feature phones have a lot to offer than you think!


Buy Feature Phones Online from Goto

Goto has got the best keypad phones and feature phones on board at amazing prices in Pakistan. So why look elsewhere? You also don’t have to worry about any issues with your purchase. All the phones that we showcase are from reliable brands and sellers so you’ll only receive an original and genuine device. You can also buy feature phones from our sales. Stay tuned with Goto for upcoming deals and exciting discount offers.


Get the Right Feature Phone for Yourself!

Since you have a lot of options available, it can be difficult to decide which one to opt for. All the phones here on Goto come with descriptions from where you can check their features and specs. So before you fill your cart, carefully check all the features of the phone you’re willing to buy and make sure they’ll match your requirements and your budget.


Get Your Phone Delivered to Your Door

We give you the convenience of shopping from anywhere you want. With Goto Online shopping, just place your order in seconds and we will deliver your phone right to the address you provide in just a few days. Goto purchase options include Cash on Delivery through which you can pay for your order when it reaches you and Debit/Credit card method that allows you to shop securely with your debit card or credit card.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have any queries regarding feature phones on Goto? We’ll help you out.

Q1. Can I use internet on a feature phone?

Ans. Some feature phones support internet connection, so you can browse the web with a feature phone.

Q2. Do feature phones come with a warranty?

Ans. Top brands offer warranties with feature phones, so you’re likely to get one. Check the description of the feature phones on Goto to see everything you’ll get with the new phone.

Q3. Do feature phones have games in them?

Ans. It depends on the model you’re buying, some feature phones come with games while others don’t. The number of games also vary from phone to phone.

Q4. Do feature phones have Bluetooth?

Ans. Many feature phones have the Bluetooth feature in them so you can transfer multimedia like songs and pictures form your phone to another.

Feel free to contact Goto’s customer care representatives at 111-114-686 who are available 24/7 to answer any questions regarding the phone you’re willing to purchase, your order, the delivery method or anything else you might have in mind.

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