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Can you wear the same clothes again and again without washing them? Can you go a day with all the marks and dirt on your clothes? No, certainly not. It is impossible to not wash your clothes after every time you wear them. Long gone are the days when people used to wash clothes with their hands, now you will find a machine for that.

Washing machines are best appliances that washes clothes in no time. If you have a washing machine at your house, then you know how much time and efforts you save every time. All you have to do is put dirty clothes in the machine, fill it up with water, add detergent, close the lid and push the button!

Washing machines are a blessing for a lot of people, especially women. If someone has large families, then washing clothes can become the most difficult task. To this end, washing machine is the best appliance to get rid of this hassle.

Now, if you are looking to purchase washing machine for yourself, then online stores are the best option. Goto is one stop where you can find everything under its roof. If you are looking to buy washing machine from online store, then you need to check Goto’s latest collection now.

Purchasing washers & dryers at best prices from Goto is not a hard nut to crack. Just visit the website and fill your cart with your favorite products and leave the rest to us!


Best Washing Machine Online Store

Goto is an e-commerce website where you can find grocery, women fashion clothing, men fashion clothing, large appliances, small appliances and others as well. Here at Goto, you do not have to worry about anything other than choosing what you want.

You can find washing machines in almost every other house. People often purchase washing machines on installments from local stores. Buying washing machines from local stores can be a little tiring, but Goto is here to save you from this hassle. Washing machine price can vary from brand to brand, but don’t worry you will still get them at reasonable rates from Goto.

Do not worry if you have not decided yet, Goto has a lot of washing machines in its store for you. Save yourself from the hassle and shop from the best online store!

Buy washers & dryers at best prices from Goto and get the best shopping experience with us!


Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

You must be wondering that since Goto is an online website, then it might cost you a lot. Here is good news for you: This is just not the case!

When you visit our website you will find a lot of similar products in one category at different rates. We offer products from multiple brands, and the cost of the product depend on the brand. No matter if you are looking for fully automatic washing machine or regular washing machine in Pakistan, you can find everything at Goto at best prices.

Washing machine is the most basic appliance, which is why we sell at basic prices so everyone can afford them. Below are some types of washing machines available at our online store, check now!


Automatic Washing Machine Online at Goto

Automatic washing machines are a new blessing. It’s an old story when you have to stand by your washing machine to see if clothes are washed or not. This new washing machine ensure that all your clothes are perfectly washed and dried without any hassle.

Automatic washing machine price in Pakistan depends on the brand. You can check the available automatic washing machines at Goto to avoid going to the local stores.

There is no way you can get a good automatic washing machine price at any other place than Goto. So, do not waste time and order yours today.


Washing Machine with Dryer Price in Pakistan

Are you tired of water all over the place when you dry your clothes? No need to worry anymore. Washing machines with dryer are the best option for people who have less space to dry clothes or who likes them to dry in less time. Such washing machines comes with a dryer that automatically dries your clothes within the machine. You don’t have to put extra efforts in drying them.

Fully automatic washing machine price in Pakistan can be little high but you can get one from Goto at best prices.  It’s time to upgrade your washing machine!


Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

These washing machines are a lot like fully automatic washing machines, but they have different sections for washing and drying. You will have to put clothes in the dryer after washing yourself. The washing machine automatic price in Pakistan are pretty affordable, so order one from Goto right now!


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Now that you know washing machine price in Karachi, it’s time that you order one for yourself from Goto. Don’t worry about picking up the order, as Goto holds responsibility for that. No matter how large or small the product, Goto deliver products to customers within 5-7 working days. So, order your favorite washing machine from Goto today and pay through cash on delivery or debit/credit card!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How can I report brand warranty?

You can call Goto’s customer service representative to get guidance on how to claim brand warranty or you can directly visit the brand’s outlet.


How will I receive my product?

You will receive it through courier.


Can I request for refund/return?

You can call or email our customer service representative to make a request for return/refund.


What are the best brands for washing machines?

Some of the best brands for washers & dryers at Goto include Boss, Gaba National, Haier and Kenwood.


How many days will it take to delivery product?

You will receive your products within 5-7 working days.

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